Version 2 of Nature UI is only compatible with React 18. If you are still needing to use React 17 or earlier, please use version 1 of Nature UI but it's not advisable because of the many changes on version 2.

To use Nature UI in your project, you need to first setup tailwindcss:

Install tailwindcss#

npm install -D tailwindcss postcss autoprefixer

Install Nature UI#

npm i @nature-ui/core

Using Yarn#

yarn add -D tailwindcss postcss autoprefixer.
yarn add @nature-ui/core@latest

After installing Nature UI, you need to set up Tailwindcss and Postcss. Run the following command to generate both configurations:

npx tailwindcss init -p

Finally, you need to update your Tailwindcss config file to include contents of Nature UI in the node modules.

/** @type {import('tailwindcss').Config} */
module.exports = {
content: [
+ "./src/**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx}",
+ "./node_modules/@nature-ui/**/*.{js,ts}"
theme: {
extend: {},
plugins: [],


Whether you're a beginner or advanced Nature UI user, joining our community is the best way to connect with like-minded people who build great products with the library.