useDisclosure is a custom hook used to help handle common open, close, or toggle scenarios. It can be used to control feedback component such as Modal, AlertDialog, Drawer, etc.


import { useDisclosure } from "@nature-ui/core";

Return value#

The useDisclosure hook returns an object with the following fields:

isOpenbooleanfalseIf true, it sets the controlled component to its visible state.
onClosefunctionCallback function to set a falsy value for the isOpen parameter.
onOpenfunctionCallback function to set a truthy value for the isOpen parameter.
onTogglefunctionCallback function to toggle the value of the isOpen parameter.
getDisclosurePropsfunctionCallback function to retrieve a set of props for the controlled component.
getButtonPropsfunctionCallback function to retrieve a set of props for the button that triggers the disclosure.


You can use a combination of the methods and values returned by the hook for various control of the components affected by the disclosure.

Below is the use of returned fields of the hook without a getter to control the Drawer component on button toggle.

function Example() {
const { isOpen, onOpen, onClose } = useDisclosure();
return (
<Button onClick={onOpen} className="bg-primary-700">
Open Drawer
<Drawer placement="right" onClose={onClose} isOpen={isOpen}>
<DrawerOverlay />
<DrawerHeader borderBottomWidth="1px">Basic Drawer</DrawerHeader>
<p>Some contents...</p>
<p>Some contents...</p>
<p>Some contents...</p>

Using the getDisclosureProps and getButtonProps methods returned by the hook provides the needed attributes and handlers to the respective component and button for visibility toggling and accessibility.

The component that uses getDisclosureProps receives the following props:

  • An id (can optionally pass this in as a prop to the hook to render a custom value).
  • A dynamically rendered hidden attribute.

getDisclosureProps can directly accept any additional props for the component.

The button that uses getButtonProps for toggling receives the following props:

  • A dynamically rendered aria-expanded attribute to let a screen reader know whether the disclosure component is visible.
  • The aria-controls attribute using the id (can optionally pass id in as a prop to the hook to render a custom value). This lets a screen reader know which component is controlled by the button.
  • An onClick handler that uses the onToggle callback along with any other click events passed as an onClick prop to getButtonProps

getButtonProps can also directly accept any additional props for the button.

function Basic() {
const { getDisclosureProps, getButtonProps } = useDisclosure();
const buttonProps = getButtonProps();
const disclosureProps = getDisclosureProps();
return (
<Button {...buttonProps} className="bg-primary-500">
Toggle Me
<p {...disclosureProps} mt={4}>
This text is being visibly toggled hidden and shown by the button.
<br />
(Inspect these components to see the rendered attributes)